1939: Harry Rodger Webb’s parents - Rodger Webb was married to his mother, Dorothy Dazely on 26th April 1939 at St Paul's Church, Abansol, India


1940: Harry Rodger Webb, born on 14th October at The King George Hospital, Victoria Street, in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) India.

Harry’s weighting very healthy 9 lbs.


1942: Harry’s younger brother named Frederick William born on 10th June, but died very shortly.


1941: A year later his family moved to Calcutta, India.


1945: Harry Rodger Webb enrolled at St. Thomas Church School, Church Road, Howrah, in Calcutta, India.


1946: He started school in September 1946 at St Thomas' Church School, Howrah, India.


1948: On August 21st, The Webb family moved from Calcutta to Bombay and on August 24th, they boarded on the ship ‘Ranchi’ from Bombay and arrived Tilbury Docks, England on 13th September 1948. 

Harry is enrolled at Stanley Park Road primary school.


1950: Harry is enrolled at his new school, King’s Road primary school.


1952: September, Cliff started his secondary school in UK, Cheshunt County Secondary School.


1954: His first acting debut was in ‘The Price of Reflection’ in February, followed by ‘The Ugly Duckling’ in October.


1956: Harry and his friends form a group ‘The Quintones’.

He first performed in rock ‘n’ roll on 14th July, with The Quintones, and his first review in the Cheshunt Weekly Telegraph followed in December.


1957: Harry Webb leaves Cheshunt Secondary School.

Harry and Terry Smart join Brian Parker, Mick Teague and Dick Teague in the Dick Teague Skiffle group.

Harry work at Atlas Lamp as a credit control clerk.


1958: Harry and Terry leave the Dick Teague group to form a new band the Drifters, joined by Norman Mitham.

Harry Rodger Webb changes his name to Cliff Richard.

Ian Samwell joins the Drifters; John Foster becomes their manager.

Cliff Richard and The Drifters make a demo record of “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” / “Breathless”, recorded at a small studio above the HMV record shop in Oxford Street.

Norrie Paramour agrees to take Cliff and The Drifters after hearing their demo record.

Cliff Richard and The Drifters played their first gig together at Victoria Hall Hanley, UK.

Cliff and The Drifters recorded “Schoolboy Crush” / “Move It” at Studio Two, Abbey Road.

August 9, Cliff Richard signs a contract with Columbia records.

Cliff’s first single released “Schoolboy Crush” / “Move It”.

On September 12th, “Move It” enters the NME charts and reached No.2 on the British charts

On September 13th & 20th, Cliff appeared on Jack Good’s ABC TV’s ‘Oh Boy!’ shows.

A milestone week in Cliff Richard’s life, after just 2 appearances on ‘Oh Boy!’ he was offered his first national tour.

October 25th, Cliff Richard makes his radio debut on BBC “Saturday Club”.

Cliff’s second single released “High Class Baby” / “My Feet Hit The Ground”.

“High Class Baby” enters the chart and peak at No. 7.

Cliff Richard had appeared in 13 of the 16 Jack Good’s ‘Oh Boy!’ shows from 13th September to 27th December 1958.


1959: Cliff is voted “Best New British Male Singer” in the NME poll.

Cliff received NME Poll Winners Award for “Living Doll”.

Cliff Richard is voted ‘Best British Male Vocalist of The Year’ on the TV pop programme ‘Cool For Cats’ his mother collects the award on his behalf because Cliff is in pantomime.

Hank B. Marvin, Bruce Welch and Jet Harris joins The Drifters replacing Ken Pavey and Norman Mitham.

Cliff’s third single released “Livin’ Lovin’ Doll” / “Steady With You” reaches at No.20

Cliff Richard made is first live recordings for his first LP “Cliff”.

Cliff’s fourth single released “Mean Streak” / “Never Mind” both sides enters the charts and reaches at No.10 & 21

Cliff Richard appeared in 20 of the 38 ‘Oh Boy!” shows in total, the final show of the entire series on Saturday 30th May 1959.

Cliff’s first film “Serious Charge”, “Living Doll” / “Apron Strings” was released.

“Living Doll” Cliff’s 1st No.1 hit and earned him his first Gold Disc.

“Living Doll” tops the chart in Hong Kong.

“Travellin’ Light” / “Dynamite” released, both sides enters the chart. “Travellin’ Light” at No.1 for 6 weeks and “Dynamite” peaks at No.16, Cliff’s 2nd LP released “Cliff Sings”

“Living Doll” enters the American chart reaches No.30

Cliff Richard appeared in BBC show ‘Drumbeat’.

Cliff is voted “King of Rock ‘N’ Roll” on Radio Luxembourg,

“Best British Male Vocalist of the Year” on TV program ‘Cool for Cats’.

Cliff’s second film “Expresso Bongo”

Cliff Richard & The Shadows appear in their first pantomime “Babes in Wood”.

Cliff had 3 hits in Thailand with “Living Doll” (No.2), “Travellin’ Light” (No.4) and “Dynamite” (No.2).

Cliff Richard appears on AR TV’s Christmas Day  Special, hosted by Hughie Green, Cliff sings “Living Doll”. He also thanks the viewers who voted him as the artist they wanted most in the world to appear on the show.



1960: Cliff is voted “Best British Male Singer” in the NME annual poll.

“Living Doll” is voted “Record of the Year” for 1959.

Cliff won “Top British Male Singer” award from Melody Maker.

Cliff’s 7th single released “A Voice In The Wilderness” / “Don’t Be Mad At Me” reaches No.2

Cliff appears in his first Royal Variety Show before the Queen.

The Drifters change their name to The Shadows.

“Living Doll” hit No.1 in Sri Lankan charts.

Cliff makes his first tour of USA Cliff appears on the Pat Boone show and duet “Pretty Blue Eyes” with Pat Boone.

“Fall In Love With You” / “Willie And The Hand Jive” reaches No.2 in the charts.

“Please Don't Tease” / “Where Is My Heart” enter the chart and goes to No.1”

“Please Don’t Tease” is No.1 in Holland, India, New Zealand, Norway and Thailand.

Cliff Richard becomes EMI’s highest selling artist.

“Me And My Shadows” third album from Cliff released.

Cliff records two of his songs in German, Fall In Love With You and A Voice In The Wilderness.

Cliff’s next single “Nine Times Out Of Ten” / “Thinking Of Our Love” has an advance order of 180,000 records, then the biggest advance order for any record, peaks at No.3

Cliff Richard appeared on ‘Juke Box Jury’ and ‘New Year's Eve Show’.

“I Love You” / “D” In Love” released and become Cliff’s Christmas Hit at No.1

In Holland “I Love You” is at No.1 in the chart.

The final Chart Points for 1960, Cliff is at No.1with 1416, followed by Adam Faith and Elvis.

Cliff's first solo TV series, ‘The Cliff Richard Show’ (ATV 1960-1963) produced by Albert Locke.

Cliff had 5 hits the in Thailand with “A Voice In The Wilderness” (No.4), “Fall In Love With You” (No.3), “Please Don’t Tease” (No.1), “She’s Gone” (No.1) and “Evergreen Tree” (No.1)

In India Cliff Richard had 5 hits, “A Voice In The Wilderness” (No.3), “Fall In Love With You” (No.2), “Please Don’t Tease” (No.1), “Nine Times Out Of Ten” (No.2) and “Gee Whiz It’s You” (No.5)

Cliff takes his first holiday in 18 months when he flies to Spain with his mother, two of his sisters and road manager Mike Conlin.

Cliff Richard had 5 E.P. hits in 1960, “Cliff Sings No.1” (4), “Express Bongo” (1), “Cliff Sings No.2” (3), “Cliff Songs No.3” (2) and “Cliff’s Silver Discs” (1)

In ‘60s only 4 artists hit the singles chart every year of the decade: Cliff Richard, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and Jim Reeves.



1961: Cliff is voted “Best British Male Singer”, 2nd in “Best British Vocal Personality” and 2nd in

“World Male Singer” in the NME annual poll.

Peter Gromley becomes Cliff’s manager, replacing Tito Burns.

Melody Maker awarded Cliff with “Top British Male Singer”

Cliff’s first foreign language (German) released, “Bin verliebt” / “Die Stimme der Liebe”.

In later years Cliff released many songs in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Cliff recorded “Theme For A Dream” and “All I Do Is Dream Of You” along with three  other songs for the BBC radio series 'Saturday Club' which was broadcast on June 10th, and also on 'Parade Of The Pops' on August 9th.

“Listen To Cliff” is 4th LP from Cliff released.

“She’s Gone” and “Evergreen Tree” both hits at No.1 in Thailand

“Theme For A Dream” / “Mumblin’ Mosie” has an advance order over 200,000 copies, enters the chart and reaches No.3 and Tops the chart in New Zealand and South Africa.

“Gee Whiz It’s You” / “I Cannot Find A True Love” two songs from “Me And My Shadows” are released as a single in Europe, enters the British chart and peaks at No.4

Cliff Richard’s father dies.

Cliff receives awards at the Methodist Association of Youth Clubs’ annual get-together at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

“A Girl Like You” / “Now’s The Time To Fall In Love” reaches No.3 in the British charts and the single Tops the charts in Holland and

 Hong Kong.

Cliff celebrate his 21st Birthday, releases his LP “21 Today”

Brian Bennett replaced Tony Meehan in The Shadows

“When The Girl In Your Arms” / “Got A Funny Feeling” is the first single from the film “The Young Ones” reaches No.3 in the chart.

“When The Girl In Your Arms” is at No.1 in Australia, Holland and Norway.

“Forty Days” from “21 Today” is at No.1 in South Africa.

“Poor Boy” also from “21 Today hit No.1 in Thailand.

“The Young Ones” film is premiered in London and the album from the film is released.

The film is a runaway success becoming the second biggest Box Office hit of the year.

“The Young Ones” is heralded by critics as “the best musical Britain has ever made” and the finest teenage screen entertainment produced for a long time.

Cliff Richard receives “Show Business Personality” award from Variety Club of Great Britain.

In 1961 Cliff had 9 hits in Thailand with “I Love You” (No.3), “Theme For A Dream” (No.2), “A Girl Like You” (No.4), “True Love Will Come To You” (No.5), “What’d I Say” (No.5), “Poor Boy” (No.1), “When The Girl In Your Arms” (No.1) and “Got A Funny Feeling” (No.6).

Cliff also had 6 hits in India, with “I Love You” (No.2), “‘D’ In Love” (No.6), “Theme For A Dream” (No.3), “A Girl Like You” (No.3), “Now’s The Time To Fall In Love” (No.4) and “When The Girl In Your Arms” (No.2)

In 1961 Cliff Richard had 5 E.P. hits in the U.K. E.P. chart, “Me And My Shadows No.1” (5), “Me And My Shadows No.2” (8), “Me And My Shadows No.3” (6), “Listen To Cliff” (17) and “Dream” (3)


1962: Cliff is again voted “Best British Male Singer”, 2nd in “Best British Vocal Personality and 2nd to Elvis in the “World Male Singer” section.

“The Young Ones” / “We Say Yeah” single goes straight to No.1 with advance orders in Britain over 500,000 copies.

Cliff won “Top British Male Singer”, single of the Year “The Young Ones” from Melody Maker

“The Young Ones” is at No.1 in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and Thailand.

Cliff receives award from Variety Club of Great Britain for “Show Business Personality of The Year”, at the Savoy, London.

Cliff’s “The Young Ones” is at No.3 for “Best New Disc of The Year”.

Cliff receives his second Gold Disc for “The Young Ones” on “Thank Your Lucky Stars”.

Brian ‘Licorice’ Locking replaced Jet Harris in the Shadows.

“I’m Looking Out The Window” / “Do You Wanna Dance” is a double “A” single, both sides peaks at No.2 and No.1 in Australia and Holland.

Cliff Richard and The Shadows performed “Do You Wanna Dance” it twice on BBC Radio's 'Saturday Club', on March 31st and December 22nd, also on BBC Radio's 'Easy Beat' program, on April 15th and again on 'Parade Of The Pops' on  January 2nd, 1963.

“It’ll Be Me” / “Since I Lost You” released and reaches No.2 in the British chart, hits No.1 in Australia, India and South Africa.

The single from the film “Summer Holiday”, “The Next Time” / “Bachelor Boy” is a double “A” sides single, enters the charts and hits No.1

Both songs hit at No.1 in Belgium, Canada, Holland, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden and Thailand and hit the American chart at No.99.

Film “The Young Ones” released in USA as “It’s Wonderful To Be Young”

The final placing of Chart Points for 1962, Cliff is at No.2 behind Elvis.

Cliff Richard is Britain's most popular film actor of 1962, this is a big surprise in the Motion Picture Herald's Box-office Survey of last year. It is a great victory for ‘The Young Ones’ and for Cliff Richard. Cliff Richard top of the chart on the strength of one film in a year, the rip-roaring British musical ‘The Young Ones’ rated as the second greatest money-spinner of 1962.

Cliff had 4 hits in the Thailand, “The Young Ones” (No.1), “We Say Yeah” (No.2), “It’ll Be Me” (No.8) and “Do You Wanna Dance” (No.5).

Cliff had 3 top ten hits songs in India, “The Young Ones” (No.1), “It’ll Be Me” (No.1) and “Do You Wanna Dance” (No.10)

Cliff’s 3 E.P. hits the U.K. chart, “Cliff’s Hit Parade” (4), “Hits From The Young Ones” (1) and “Cliff Richard No.2” (19)  



1963:  Cliff is voted “Best British Male Singer”, “World’s Most Outstanding Singer”, 2nd for “Best British Vocal Personality” and 2nd in “World’s Outstanding Music Personality”.

“Summer Holiday” film is premiered and the film is another Box Office hit.

Both the album and the 2nd single from the film “Summer Holiday” / “Dancing Shoes” hit No.1 on the British chart.

Cliff again won “Top British Male Singer” award from Melody Maker.

“Summer Holiday” hit the Tops in Australia, Denmark, Holland, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, in Hong Kong hit at No.2.

Cliff Richard and The Shadows became first artists to have four songs from film (Summer Holiday) in the British Top Thirty charts.

The whole Radio Luxembourg show “ABC of Stars” is devoted to Cliff Richard.

Cliff Richard appears on “Ed Sullivan Show” in the U.S.A.

Cliff voted “Most Promising Singer” by US Magazine “16”.

“Lucky Lips” / “I Wonder” released, and reaches No.4 in the British chart, No.1 in Belgium, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Norway, South Africa, Sweden and Switzerland.

In USA “Lucky Lips” with “The Next Time” on the B-side enters the Billboard Hot 100 chart and reaches No.69 and in the Cash Box chart reaches No.62

Cliff tops the bill on ‘Sunday Night At The Palladium’ with The Shadows.

Cliff’s “Rote Lippen soll man Kussen” (Lucky Lips) top the chart in Germany and 10th best selling single in Germany in 1963.

‘Summer Holiday’ is the sell-out hit British musical of all time, it has already smashed all existing records for a British musical ever made.
It has even surpassed in popularity of ‘The Young Ones’, which previously held the all-time record for a British musical.

On the 100th edition of ABC TV’s “Thank Your Lucky Stars” Cliff Richard received his third Gold Disc for a million sales of “The Next Time” / “Bachelor Boy”.

“It’s All In The Game” / “Your Eyes Tell On You” peaks at No.2 in the British charts and No.1 in Canada, Hong Kong, India, Israel, New Zealand and South Africa.

“Don’t Talk To Him” / “Say You’re Mine” also peaks at No.2 in the British charts and No.1 in Belgium, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand and Norway.

NME’s final placing of Chart Points for 1963, Cliff is at No.2 behind The Beatles, and The Shadows are at No.3.

John Rostill replaced Brian ‘Licorice” Locking.

In 1963 Cliff had 3 number one hits and 4 top ten hits in Thailand, “I’m On My Way” (No.4), “Bachelor Boy” (No.1), “The Next Time” (No.1), “Summer Holiday” (No.1), “Dancing Shoes” (No.3), “Lucky Lips” (No.5) and “Don’t Talk To Him” (No.3).

Cliff had 5 number one hits and 2 top ten hits in India, “Bachelor Boy” (No.1), “The Next Time” (No.2), “Summer Holiday” (No.1), “Dancing Shoes” (No.4), “Lucky Lips” (No.1), “It’s All In The Game” (No.1) and “Don’t Talk To Him” (No.1).

Cliff Richard had 4 E.P. hits the U.K. chart in 1963, “Holiday Carnival” (1), “Hits From Summer Holiday” (4). “Lucky Lips” (17) and “Love Songs” (4)


1964: Cliff is voted “Best British Male Singer”, “Best British Vocal Personality” and “World’s Most Outstanding Singer” by readers of NME.

For the fifth time, Melody maker awarded Cliff with “Top British Male Singer”

“It’s All In The Games” enters the Billboard chart in U.S.A. and peaks at No.25

US 'Billboard' magazine lists Cliff as “World Champion Recording Artist”.

US Motion Picture Herald lists Cliff as “Britain’s Most Popular Film Star”.

Cliff Richard appeared on ‘Big Beat’ TV show.

“I’m The Lonely One” / “Watch What You Do With My Baby” hit Top Ten in British charts, and hit the American charts at No.92.

“Constantly” / “True True Lovin’” becomes Cliff’s 25th Top Ten hit in the British Charts.

“Constantly” is at No.1 in Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore.

“Wonderful Life” premiered and album is released.

“On The Beach” / “A Matter Of Moments” peaks at No.4 in the British charts, No.1 in Japan, The Philippines and Thailand.

Cliff Richard performs at the Royal Variety Show in front of H.M. the Queen.

“The Twelfth Of Never” / “I’m Afraid To Go Home” released and enters Top Ten.

Music Express votes Cliff Richard “Top Male Singer”.

Cliff Richard and The Shadows appeared in the Royal Variety Show at the London Palladium in The presence of Her Majesty the Queen.

Cliff Richard, The Shadows and Una Stubbs appear in “Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp” pantomime at the London Palladium.

Over 100000 Pounds of advance booking money for the “Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp”, the show is success and runs for 14 weeks.

“I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)” / “I’m In Love With You”, Cliff’s another Top Ten hit.

“Sag ‘no’ zu ihm / Zu viel allein”, “Don’t Talk To Him” and “I’m The Lonely One” peak at No.2 in Germany in 1964.

In 1964 Cliff had 7 hits again in Thailand with two number one, “I’m The Lonely One” (No.10), “Constantly” (No.14), “True True Lovin’ ” (No.2), “The Twelfth Of Never” (No.9), “I’m Afraid To Go Home” (No.3), “On The Beach” (No.1) and “Wonderful Life” (No.1).

Only 2 E.P. hits the U.K. chart in 1964, “Don’t Talk To Him” (15) and “Wonderful Life” (3).


1965: “The Minute You’re Gone” / “Just Another Guy” released and becomes Cliff Richard’s 8th No.1 single in the British Charts.

Cliff Richard is voted “Top British Male Singer” in the NME annual poll and received trophy for the sixth time at the London Palladium.

Cliff won “Top British Male Singer” for the sixth time from Melody Maker.

On the BBC radio “The Cliff Richard Story”

“I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)” is at No.1 in India, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa.

“The Minute You’re Gone” is at No.1 in India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

“The Minute You’re Gone” enters the Cash Box chart in the USA at No.98

“On My Word” / “Just A Little Bit Too Late” released and peaks at No.12

“The Time In Between” / “Look Before You Love” reaches only at No. 22

Cliff Richard comes back with new single “Wind Me Up” (Let Me Go)” / “The Night” and peaks at No.2 in the British charts and at No.1 in India, Malaysia and South Africa.

“Wind Me Up (Let Me Go) peaks at No.3 in Thailand.

“The Minute You’re Gone” is at No5 for “The Best New Disc of The Year”.

Cliff’s “Das ist die Frage aller Fragen” (Spanish Harlem) top the chart in Germany and 7th best selling single in Germany in 1965.

“Es war keine so wunderbar wie du” hit No. 5 in the Germany chart and 36th best selling single of 1965 in Germany

In 1965 Cliff had 6 hits in Thailand, “I Don’t Wanna Love You” (No.17), “I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)” (No.2),“The Minute You’re Gone” (No.1), “On My Word” (No.9), “The Time In Between” (No.22) and “Wind Me Up (Let Me Go)” (No.3).

Cliff had 3 E.P. hits in 1965 with “Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp” (20), “Look In My Eyes, Maria” (15) and “Take Four” (4)

Cliff Richard appeared on “The New London Palladium Show” TV Series.



1966: Cliff Richard tops the NME’s chart points for the 5 years,

1. Cliff Richard 4,841

2. Elvis Presley 4,344

3. The Beatles 3,737

4. The Shadows 3,107

5. Billy Fury 2,458


NME readers again voted Cliff “Best British Male Singer” and “Best British Vocal Personality.

Cliff’s sixth film “Finders Keepers”, also starring The Shadows, Robert Morley, Viane Ventura.

“Blue Turns To Grey” / “Somebody Loses” released and enter the Top Twenty.

Cliff Richard appears at the Billy Graham Crusade in London.

“Visions” / “What Would I Do (For The Love Of A Girl)”, “Time Drags By”/ “La La La Song” and

“In The Country”/ “Finders Keepers” all hits Top Ten.

Cliff, The Beatles and The Rolling Stone are at the N.M.E. Poll Winners concert.

Cliff and Tom Jones on BBC radio ‘Let The Good Times Roll’.

“Finders Keepers” film is premiered at Leicester Square, London.

“Thunderbirds Are Go” premiered in London.

Cliff plays in the “Cinderella” pantomime at London Palladium.

Only 3 hits for Cliff Richard in Thailand, “Blue Turns To Grey” (No.6), “Time Drags By” (No.9) and “In The Country” (No.21).

Cliff Richard & The Shadows had last E.P. hit with “Thunderbirds Are Go” peak at No. 6 in the U.K. chart.


1967: Cliff appears at NME Poll Winners Concert at Wembley, wins the NME poll award for “Best British Male Vocalist”

Cliff voted “Best Dressed Male Star” by readers of Disc & Music Echo.

He is also voted “Top British Male Singer” by Melody Maker readers for the seventh time.

“It’s All Over” / “Why Wasn’t I Born Rich” released and peaks at No.9

“I’ll Come Runnin’ ” / “I Get The Feelin’ ” released and reaches at No.26

“The Day I Met Marie” / “Our Story Book” reaches No.10 in the chart.

“All My Love” / “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” peaks at No.6 in the chart.

Cliff appears on the Five To Ten religious programs.

Cliff appears with Billy Graham on TV's “Looking for An Answer”.

In 1967 Cliff had 3 hit songs in Thailand with “It’s All Over” (No.8), “The Day I Met Marie” (No.7) and “All My Love” (No.6).

“All My Love” top the chart in Hong Kong.

From 1960 to 1967, Cliff Richard top the E.P. chart with 23 hits (432 weeks), The Shadows are second with 19 (461 weeks), third is Elvis with 15 (366 weeks) and The Beatles are at No.4 with 12 hits (392 weeks).  


1968: Cliff is voted “Best British Vocal Personality” in the NME annual poll.

Cliff Richard appears at Disc’s Valentines Awards.

Cliff sings 6 songs for Eurovision Song Contest selection.

TV viewers selected “Congratulations” the song Cliff will sing at The Eurovision Song Contest.

Cliff comes second to Spain’s La La La.

“Congratulations” hit the No.1 not only in Britain but all over Europe and other countries, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Thailand.

“Congratulations” is 19th best selling single in Germany in 1968.

In American chart “Congratulations” reaches only at No.99

Cliff Richard’s “Congratulations” outsells the Eurovision winner throughout the world and becomes the highest selling looser of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Cliff’s again voted “Best Dressed Male Star” by readers of Disc & Music Echo.

“I’ll Love You Forever Today” / “Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon”, “Marianne” / “Mr. Nice” and “Don’t Forget To Catch Me” / “What’s More

(I Don’t Need Her)” all three singles hit Top Thirty Charts.

Cliff celebrates his 10th anniversary, Cliff Richard & The Shadows released “Established 1958”

Cliff begins filming “A Matter Of Diamonds, later it is screened on ITV.

“Two A Penny” film is premiered.

“Cliff Richard at the Talk of the Town” is shown on BBC2 TV.

Cliff voted by NME as “Top British Vocal Personality”.

The Shadows split up.

Cliff had 2 hits in Thailand, “Congratulations” hit No.1 and “Marianne” peaks at No.22


1969: Voted “Best Dressed Male Star” by Disc.

Cliff began filming “Life With Johnny” for Tyne Tees TV.

“Cliff in Scotland” is entered for the Montreaux Film Festival.

“Congratulations” wins two “Ivor Novello Award”

“Good Times” (Better Times)” / “Occasional Rain” peaks at No.12

“Big Ship” / “She’s Leaving You” and “Throw Down A Line” / “Reflection” hit Top Ten.

In Japan Cliff is at No.1 with “Early In The Morning”.

“Throw Down A Line” / “Reflections” released, and peaks at No.7

“With The Eyes Of A Child” / “So Long” hit Top Twenty.

Cliff Richard is the only artist to achieve a top ten singles hit in every year from 1960 to 1969.

Only 3 acts had at least 10 hit singles, 10 hit LP’s and 10 hit EP’s from 1960 to 1969.

1. Cliff Richard with 92 hit records

2. Elvis Presley with 86 hit records

3. The Beatles with 48 hit records



1970: Cliff begins his “It’s Cliff Richard” show for 13 weeks on BBC TV.

Cliff receives Disc’s “Mr. Valentine” award and also voted “Best Dressed Male Star”, comes second as “Top British Male Singer” and third in “World Male Singer”.

Cliff won the Songwriters Guild of Great Britain for “The Most Outstanding Service to Music”.

“The Joy Of Living” / “Leave My Woman Alone” / “Boogatoo” (Instrumental) peaks at No.25

Cliff is voted second “Best British Male Singer”, Top in “Best British Vocal Personality” and third “World Male Singer” in the NME reader’s poll for the year 1969.

Cliff is ‘World’s Best Selling Recording Artist of the 60s’ by NME.

Cliff’s documentary film “His Land” which Cliff made in Israel released.

Cliff’s 50th single “Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha” enters the chart and reaches No.6

“I Ain’t Got Tome Anymore” / “Monday Comes Too Soon” reaches No.21 in the chart.

Cliff receives the National Viewers and Listeners’ Association award for Outstanding Contribution to Religious Broadcasting and Light Entertainment.

Cliff came third on the Best TV/Radio award for “It’s Cliff Richard”.


1971: Cliff begins his second year “It’s Cliff Richard” show on BBC TV.

“Sunny Honey Girl” / “Don’t Move Away” / “I Was Only Fooling Myself” hit Top Twenty.

BBC 1 special “Getaway with Cliff”, Cliff Richard with Olivia Newton John, Hank Marvin and John Farrar.

“Silvery Rain” / “Annabella Umbrella” / “Time Flies” peaks at No. 27 only.

“Flying Machine” 54th single by Cliff, is his first single not to make the Top thirty.

Cliff voted ‘Top Vocal Personality’ and ‘Top British Male Singer’ by NME.

Cliff plays in “The Potting Shed” in London.

Cliff receives “Ivor Novello Award” for outstanding service to British Music industry.

“Sing A Song Of Freedom” / “A Thousand Conversations” released and reach No.13 in the British charts, but the single banned in

South Africa.

Cliff’s latest single “Flying Machine” is at No.1 in Denmark and Thailand.

“It’s Cliff Richard” came third in Best TV/Radio award.

Cliff Richard retained his title as Disc's “Mr. Valentine”.

After 2 years Cliff back in the Thailand’s chart with two songs, “Flying Machine” hit No.1 and “Sing A Song Of Freedom” (No.15).



1972:  Cliff’s new series of “It’s Cliff Richard” show for 13 weeks on BBC TV.

“Jesus” / “Mr. Cloud” at No.35 and “Living In Harmony” / “Empty Chairs” at No.12

“A Brand New Song” / “The Old Accordion” becomes the first record not to enter the chart.

The Sun presents the award to Cliff Richard for “Top Male Pop Personality” for the third year running.

Cliff voted “Top Vocal Personality” and “Top British Male Singer” by NME readers.

Cliff Richard made a short BBC television comedy film called ‘The Case’.

Cliff appears in BBC TV’s 50 Years of Music.


1973: Cliff appears on Cilla Black’s TV series, performing songs for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Voters selected “Power To All Our Friends” for Cliff to represent Britain in the contest.

Cliff comes third in the Eurovision Song Contest.

“Power To All Our Friends” peaks at No.4 in the British chart, Top Ten in many countries and at No.1 in Holland, Israel, Luxembourg and Sweden.

In Thailand “Power To All Our Friends” peaks at No.9 and “Take Me High” at No.11

Maxi single with 4 songs released, two songs on side A “Help It Along” / “Tomorrow Rising” hit only the Top thirty.

“Take Me High” premiered in London; Cliff’s co-stars in the film are Debbie Watling, George Cole.

The album and single released, “Take Me High” peaks at No.27

John Rostill died at his home studio.


1974: Cliff Richard begins “It’s Cliff Richard” show new series

“(You Keep Me) Hangin’ On” / “Love Is Here” enters the chart and reaches No.13

The Duchess of Gloucester presents Cliff with “Silver Clef” award for outstanding services to the music industry at the second annual Music Therapy Committee luncheon.

Cliff played in Cheshunt School Society’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Cliff attends a meeting of the “International Cliff Richard Movement” at the United Reform Church in North London.

Cliff Richard and The Shadows reunite to do a series of shows at London Palladium in honor of former BBC TV producer Colin Chapman.

Screening of the films “Love Never Gives Up”, a films of Cliff during his visit to Burundi, and “A Day in the Life of Cliff Richard”.

“Love Is Here” peaks at No.25 in Thailand.


 1975: Cliff Richard receives a presentation from Derek Sinclair the Managing Director of World Record Club, for the sale of 40,000 of the six records box set “The Cliff Richard Story”, later Cliff receives a Gold Disc for the sale of over 80,000.

Cliff has little success with “It’s Only Me You’ve Left Behind” and “Honky Tonk Angel”.

Cliff’s new TV series “It’s Cliff & Friends” on BBC TV.

“It’s Only Me You’ve Left Behind” hit No.1 in Hong Kong and top twenty in Malaysia.


1976: EMI release a six-cassette box set “The Music And Life Of Cliff Richard”

Cliff begins visit to the Soviet Union.

Cliff Richard was the first western rock artist ever to tour Russia, Cliff performed eight concerts.

“Miss You Nights” and “Devil Woman” bring Cliff back to the charts at No.15 and No.9

“I'm Nearly Famous” becomes a hit; Cliff receives Gold Disc for the album.

“Devil Woman” becomes Cliff’s biggest hit in the USA peaks at No.6 and sold over one million copies.

“I Can’t Ask For Anymore Than You” / “Junior Cowboy” hit Top Twenty in British Chart and in reaches No.80 in the Billboard chart.

“Hey Mr. Dream Maker” / “No One Waits” released and reaches at No.31

“Devil Woman” peaks at No. 8 in Thailand.


1977: Cliff on tour of India, Cliff Richard meets Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India.

Cliff visits to some of the Tear Fund project in Bangladesh.

As part of the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations and the centenary of the invention of the Gramophone, the British Phonographic Institution awarded Cliff Richard with Britannia Awards for “Best British Male Artist”.

Cliff receives the “Golden Badge Award” presented by The Songwriter’s Guild of Great Britain.

Album “Every Face Tells A Story” hits the British chart.

In USA “Don’t Turn The Light Out” released and reaches No.57

“My Kind Life” / “Nothing Left For Me To Say” peaks at No.15

“When Two Worlds Drift Apart” / “That’s Why I Love You” released and reaches No.46

Cliff receives a Platinum Award for “40 Golden Greats” a double album.


1978: Cliff and The Shadows reunite for 20th Anniversary concerts at the London Palladium.

Cliff begins tour of South Africa, Hong Kong and Australia.

“Thank You Very Much” album hits No.5 on the charts.

Cliff’s performs two Gospel concerts on the 10th Anniversary of Tear Fund at the Royal Albert Hall.

BBC Radio 1 broadcasts Cliff’s career “Twenty Golden Years” five part series.

Cliff Richard attended the launch of “The Guinness Book of British Hit Singles”


1979: Cliff Richard and The Shadows receive “Major Recording Artists” award from Music Week.

Cliff awarded “Gold Clock” & “Gold Key” by EMI celebrating their 21 years partnership.

Cliff is Guest of Honor of The Variety Club of Great Britain.

“We Don’t Talk Anymore” becomes Cliff’s 10th No.1 single and peaks at No.7 on the American chart.

It is Cliff’s highest selling record and it Top the charts in Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malta and Switzerland.

“Rock ‘N’ Roll Juvenile” and “Thank You Very Much” albums certified with Gold Discs.

Cliff attends and sings at the International Year of Child concert.

Cliff’s biggest hit “We Don’t Talk Anymore” hit No. 7 in Thailand.

“We Don’t Talk Anymore” is at No.5 in the Swiss year-end charts of 1979.


1980: Wins TV Times award for “The Most Exciting Male Singer on Television”

Cliff appears in a tribute to the late Norrie Paramor at Croydon's Fairfield Halls.

Cliff receives the “Best Family Entertainer” award from Nationwide, Daily Mirror and BBC Radio 1.

Cliff receives Gold Disc for “I’m No Hero” album.

Voted “Top Pop Star” by viewers of “Swap Shop” TV show.

“Carrie” / “Moving In” released and peaks at No.4

“Dreamin’” / “Dynamite” (new version) hit the Top Ten and peaks at No.8

“Dreamin’” hit No.1 in Belgium and top ten in India, Hong Kong and Thailand.

“Carrie” enters the Billboard chart and reaches No.34

“Dreamin’” becomes Cliff’s 3rd Top Ten hits in the USA and peaks at No.10

Cliff Richard receives an O.B.E. personally from Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

Cliff celebrates his 40th birthday.

“Suddenly” a duet with Olivia Newton John peaks at No.15 in the British chart and at No.20 in the American chart.


1981: “A Little In Love” / “Keep On Looking” released and reaches No.15

Una Stubbs presents Cliff with the Daily Mirror Readers’ award for “Outstanding Musical Personality of the Year”.

Cliff’s tour of the USA and Canada, Cliff appears on the “Solid Gold” in USA.

“A Little In Love” becomes Cliff’s 6th Top Twenty hit in the USA, peaks at No.17

In USA “Give A Little Bit More” released and reaches No.39 in the Billboard chart.

“A Little In Love” Top the chart in Japan.

Cliff is voted “Top Pop Star” by the Sunday Telegraph reader poll.

Cliff’s “Love Songs” becomes his 5th No.1 album and earn him with a Platinum Disc.

Cliff Richard appears at the Royal Variety Show.

“Wire For Sound” / “Hold On” peaks at No. 4 in the British chart and at No.77 in USA.

Cliff celebrates his 41st birthday; the BBC shows four-part series of Cliff Richard’s career.

“Daddy’s Home” / “Shakin’ All Over” becomes Cliff 9th single to peak at No.2 in the chart.

Cliff is voted ‘Top International Male Singer’ by German pop magazine Bravo.

“Cliff In London” screened on BBC TV.

“Daddy’s Home” becomes Cliff’s 7th Top Thirty hit in the USA, peaks at No.23

“Daddy’s Home” hits Top Ten in India, Malaysia and Thailand.


1982: Concert tours of South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Europe.

Cliff Richard receives Gold Disc for “Now You See Me Now You Don’t”.

“Daddy’s Home” in the Billboard charts peaking at No.

“The Only Way Out” / “Under The Influence” hit Top Ten.

“Little Town” / “Love And A Helping Hand” / “You Me And Jesus” single at No. 11 in the charts.

Cliff visits Kenya on behalf of Tear Fund.

Cliff Richard & The London Philharmonic Orchestra perform a concert at the Royal Albert Hall.


1983: Cliff begins a two months world tour to Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and The Philippines and Australia.

“Cliff In Kenya” a Tear Fund film premiered in London.

Cliff receives another Gold Disc for “Silver” (Box Set) albums.

“She Means Nothing To Me” a duet with Phil Everly peaks at No.9

“True Love Ways” / “Galadriel” released and peaks at No.8 in the British charts.

“Drifting” a duet with Sheila Walsh released.

“Never Say Die” / “Lucille” released and at No.15 in the charts.

“Please Don’t Fall In Love” / “Too Close To Heaven” peaks at No.7 in the charts.

Cliff’s first Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament in Brighton.


1984: “Ocean Deep” / “Baby You’re Dynamite” is double “A” single and peaks at No.27.

“Two To The Power” duet with Janet Jackson is released.

“Shooting From The Heart” / “Small World” released and reaches only at No.51


1985:  Cliff Richard attends a reception at 10 Downing Street, London.

“She’s So Beautiful” reaches No.17 in the British charts.

“Heart User” / “I Will Follow You” and “It’s In Every One Of Us” both singles reaches No.46


1986: Dave Clark’s musical “Time” opens at the Dominion Theatre in London.

Cliff released new version of “Living Doll” with The Young Ones, for comic relief.

Cliff wins the TV Times “Best Male Singer” award.

Cliff stars in the smash hit musical “Time”.

“Living Doll” hits the No.1 spot in the charts again after it was last No.1 in 1959.

“Living Doll” is at No.1 in Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malta and Switzerland.

“All I Ask Of You” duet with Sarah Brightman peaks at No.3 in British chart and at No.1 in South Africa

“Slow Rivers” duet with Elton John released.


1987: “My Pretty One” and “Some People” both singles enters Top Ten and peaks at No.6 and No.3

“Always Guaranteed” becomes his highest selling studio album of all time.

Cliff receives a Platinum Disc and also a Gold Disc for “Best Of Cliff Richard & The Shadows”

“Remember Me” / “Brave New World” released and reaches No.35


1988: “Two Hearts” / “Wild Geese” / Yesterday Today Forever” reaches only at No.34

Cliff Richard performs at the annual “Save the Children” concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

“Mistletoe And Wine” hits the No.1 and becomes the highest selling single of the year.

“Private Collection” is No.1 and becomes his highest selling album of all time.


1989: Cliff Richard’s 100th single “The Best Of Me” / “Lindsey Jane” / “Move It” / “High Class Baby” is released and peaks at No.2 in the British charts.

Cliff’s next single “I Just Don’t Have The Heart” also a big hit reaches No.3 and Top the chart in the Philippines.

Cliff receives “The TV Times Award” at Teddington.

Cliff Richard celebrates his thirty years in show business with two sell-out concerts at Wembley Stadium, “The Event” concerts performing to 144,000 people.

Cliff receives Multi Platinum for “Private Collection” album.

“Stronger” album released. A single from the album “Lean On You” hit the Top Twenty.

“Whenever God Shines His Light” duet with Van Morrison also hit the Top Twenty.

Cliff receives a Platinum Disc for “Stronger”

Cliff receives ‘The Lifetime Achievement Diamond Award’ at Antwerp.

Cliff Richard featured on the “Do They Know It’s Christmas” a 1989 Christmas number one by Band Aid II, Cliff appearing at the top of the British charts for three consecutive at Christmases.


1990: “Stronger Than That” / “Joanna” reaches No.14 in the British chart.

Cliff tours Australia, New Zealand. Cliff took part in the UK's biggest open-air rock show at Knebworth,

in aid of the Nordoff-Ribbons Music Therapy charity.

Cliff with other artists celebrates the Queen Mother’s 90th birthday at the London Palladium.

“Silhouettes” / “The Winner” / “All The Time You Need” hits Top Ten.

“The Event” album is a huge seller climbing to No.3 on the charts.

“From A Distance” / “Lindsey Jan II” released, enters the chart and peaks at No11

Cliff celebrates his 50th birthday.

Cliff Richard’s U.K. / Irish tour it’s a record breaking audiences of around 420000.

Cliff became the only artist to have filled out the 12,000 capacity N.E.C. and Wembley Arena Halls for 14 and 18 concerts respectively within a single tour.

Cliff’s new single “Saviour’s Day” at No.1, video “From A Distance” at No.2 and the album

“From A Distance” at No.3 on the charts.


1991: Opens Harrods’s sale in return for £50,000 donation to children of Chernobyl.

Cliff performs in the TV special ‘Joy To The World’ at the Royal Albert Hall.

“More To Life”, title song from TV series ‘Trainer’ released.

Album “Together With Cliff Richard” and single “We Should Be Together” both went to No.10 on the charts.

Cliff receives Double Platinum for “From A Distance –The Event” and a Platinum Disc for “Together With Cliff”.


1992: “This New Year” / “Scarlet Ribbons”

“I Still Believe In You” enters the chary and peaks at No.6

Cliff attends a tribute lunch in Birmingham given for him by the Variety Club.

Cliff joins Wet Wet Wet and sings “Goodnight Girl”


1993: “Cliff Richard The Album” entered charts at No.1 and another Gold Disc for Cliff Richard.

“Access All Area” is Cliff’s the No.1 spot on the video charts.

“Peace in Our Time” reaches No.8

TV Special “The Story So Far” is screened.

Cliff performs at the “Greenbelt” Festival’s 20th anniversary.

“Human Work Of Art” reaches the top thirty.

“Healing Love” reaches the top twenty.

Cliff duet with Tammy Wynette for “This Love”


1994: Cliff Richard plan for the musical “Heathcliff” which is based on Emily Bronte's novel "Wuthering Heights".

Cliff begins the 35th Anniversary “Hit List Tour”.

Released an album of his ‘Top four’ hits “The Hit List”, over 300,000 copies sold and the album is the 9th highest selling album of the year, Cliff receives a Platinum Disc for “The Hit List”

“All I Have To Do Is Dream” a duet with Phil Everly released and peaks at No.

“The Hit List Tour” is his most success of all tours.

Worldwide ticket sales for this tour exceeded half a million.

Releases two videos “The Hit List” and “The Hit List Live”


1995: Cliff Richard received is knighthood and became Sir Cliff Richard.

Cliff tops the bill at the Royal Variety Performance.

Two singles from “Songs From Heathcliff” album released, “Misunderstood Man” and “Had To Be”.

Album “Songs from Heathcliff” awarded a Gold Disc.

Cliff appears for the VE Day Celebrations on BBC TV.

Sir Cliff Richard became the first British recipient of ASCAP's coveted Pied Piper Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to the songwriter and music community.


1996: Ticket sales for “Heathcliff” go on sale in March breaking all box office records 500,000 people have seen the musical “Heathcliff”.

Two Commemorative Cliff Richard stamps, bearing images of Cliff in his portrayal of Heathcliff issued.

“Songs From Heathcliff” album remains a high seller having sold over 200,000 copies in U.K.

“The Wedding (I Do Not Love You Isabella)” duet with Halen Hopson third single from the Show “Heathcliff” released.

“Cliff At The Movies” a double CD is released.

Cliff attends premiere of musical “Summer Holiday” starring Darren Day.


1997: “Heathcliff” continues with full houses and moves to London. “Be With Me Always” fourth single from the show is released.

“Heathcliff Live” a doubles CD from the show released.

Cliff attended the funeral of Princess Diana and contributes a song to the “Diana Tribute” album

“Rock ‘N’ Roll Years” CD released followed by a Box Set of 4 CDs “The Rock ’N’ Roll Years”

The video of “Heathcliff” show is released, Tops the UK video charts for over two months.


1998: Cliff Richard's 40th year in show business is kicked off with a sellout tour of Australia and New Zealand. 

EMI released Box Set CDs in many countries to celebrate his 40th anniversary.

Cliff Richard’s new studio album “Real As I Wanna Be” and the first single from the album

“Can’t Keep This Feeling In” are released, both going straight into top ten.

Cliff celebrates his fortieth anniversary in Show business in Britain at the Royal Albert Hall with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Cliff received the Dutch Edison Lifetime Achievement Award.


1999: “Live In The Park” has returned to the top of the British music video charts in its 27th week.

“The Miracle” / “Just Don’t Say Goodbye” released and reaches No.23

Sir Cliff Richard received the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Brit Awards.

“The Millennium Prayer” / “Two World”, Cliff’s latest No.1 hit British chart and in New Zealand.

It was revealed that Cliff Richard is to be the first singer to broadcast live from the Millennium Dome.

Cliff will sing his latest number one “The Millennium Prayer”, when he appears live on Radio show from the Dome on December 22.


2000: “The Millennium Prayer” has become Cliff's first top ten single in Australia since “Some People” enters the chart at No.2

Cliff Richard appeared at the “Hearts of Fire 2000” festival in the Abbey grounds at Glastonbury

Sir Cliff Richard was presented with a Lifetime Outstanding Achievement award for his contribution to the British music, the award presented to him by Prime Minister's wife Cherie Blair at The Savoy Hotel in London.

Cliff releases three new compilations CDs, “My Swedish Collection”, My Danish Collection, and “My Norwegian Collection”; the albums peaked at No.6 in Denmark, No.15 in Norway and in the Swedish Top Twenty.

Cliff's video “Live In The Park” top the British music video charts.

Cliff Richard received a South Bank Award for ‘Outstanding Achievement’.

Sir Cliff Richard nominated for UK TV Award, the first National Broadcasters Award in the UK,

“An Audience with Cliff Richard” has been nominated in the Best Entertainment Program

Sir Cliff Richard marks his 60th by treating friends on “Sea Goddess” cruise in Mediterranean

“The Whole Story” Cliff’s greatest hits compilation has become Cliff's 35th album to make the UK Top Ten and peaks at No.6 in the UK charts.

“The Whole Story” was certified Gold for sales of over 200,000 copies in it’s first week.

“The Millennium Countdown Concert” video released and reaches No.2 in the video chart


2001: Cliff Richard in concert ‘Off The Record’ at Royal Albert Hall, London.

Cliff Richard’s new studio album “Wanted” released.

“Somewhere Over The Rainbow-What A Wonderful World” released and enters the British chart and peaking at No.11.

Cliff Richard appeared on ITV special ‘The Hits I Missed’ and on BBC’s ‘The Heaven And Earth Show’.


2002: Sir Cliff Richard appears at the Royal Albert Hall in a charity concert called Support Africa.
“Let Me Be The One” is the second single released from Cliff Richard's latest hit album “Wanted” which has already achieved Gold in UK.
Cliff Richard appears on ‘Top Of The Pops’ singing his latest single “Let Me Be The One”.

After three years songwriters Paul Field and Stephen Deal accepted the award for Cliff Richard's chart-topping tune “The Millennium Prayer” They received their Ivor Novello Award for Best Selling UK Single Of 1999.
Sir Cliff Richard “Wanted On Tour”, Cliff starts tour from October to December in the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Austria.


2003: Sir Cliff Richard “Wanted On Tour”, Cliff Richard flies to Australia and New Zealand for “Wanted On Tour” and later in February and March tour of Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong China and Thailand.

“Cliff The Musical”, based on Cliff Richard’s life, season begins in the U.K.

Sir Cliff Richard “Wanted On Tour” concerts in Australia and New Zealand, songs Cliff sings are “We Don't Talk Anymore”, “Move It”, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow-What A Wonderful World”, “Right Here Waiting”, “What’s Love Got to Do With It”,  “Let Me Be The One”, “All Shook Up”, “Like Strangers”, “I Honestly Love You”, “Some People”, “Miss You Nights”, “Devil Woman”, “Dreamin'”, “Born To Rock ‘N’ Roll”, “Do You Wanna Dance”, “Claudette”, “Gee Whiz It's You -I Could Easily Fall”, “Too Much-Don't Be Cruel”, “The Young Ones”, “Backing vocalists medley: Green Light-Devil Woman-Carrie”, “Wired For Sound”, “Be Bop A Lula”, “No Particular Place To Go”, “Come And Go With Me-Dream Lover -Since I Don't Have You” , “Lay All Your Love On Me”, “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”, “Mistletoe And Wine”, “We Should Be Together”, “Saviour's Day”, “Little Town” and “The Millennium Prayer”

Sir Cliff Richard’s “Wanted Tour” concert on 12th March 2003 at Impact Arena, Bangkok, Cliff sings “We Don’t Talk Anymore”, “Move It”, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow-What A Wonderful World”, “Constantly”, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”, “Evergreen Tree”, “Living Doll”, “Like Strangers”, “When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart”, “Some People”, “Miss You Nights”, “Devil Woman”,

“Early In The Morning”, “Dreamin’ ”,  “Born To Rock ‘N’ Roll”, “Do You Wanna Dance”, “Claudette”, “Gee Whiz It’s You-I Could Easily

Fall (In Love With You)”, “Too Much-Don’t Be Cruel”, “Summer Holiday”, “The Young Ones”, “Wired For Sound”, “Be Bop A Lula”,

“No Particular Place To Go”, “Come And Go With Me-Dream Lover-Since I Don’t Have You”, “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”, “Congratulations” and “The Millennium Prayer”.

Ian Samwell, the original Drifter and who composed “Move It” for Cliff Richard, died at his Sacramento, California home on 13th March.

The musical “Summer Holiday stage show includes Cliff’s hits, “The Young Ones”, “Gee Whiz It’s You”, “Bachelor Boy”, “On The Beach”, “In The Country”, “A Swinging Affair”, “Do You Wanna Dance”, “I Could Easily Fall”, “Constantly”, “Big News”, “Summer Holiday”,

“La La Song”,  “Time Drags By”, “Dancing Shoes”, “I’m The Lonely One”, “Living Doll”, “The Next Time”, “ Seven Days To A Holiday”,

“Les Girl”, “We Say Yeah”, “Round And Round”, “Let Us Take You For A Ride” and “Is It Still Raining?”

 Sir Cliff Richard recorded “Mary’s Boy Child” and “Danny Boy” duets with Belgian singer Helmut Lotti.

Sir Cliff Richard recorded the title track for Christmas cartoon video called “It’s A Boy”.

Sir Cliff appears at the Sports-press balle in Frankfurt, Germany on 8th November, Cliff sings “Wired For Sound”, “Move It”, “Remember Me”, “Summer Holiday”, “Living Doll”, “Some People”, “The Young Ones”. “Lucky Lips-Rote Lippen Soll Man Kussen”, “Congratulations”, “Santa’s List”, “We Don’t Talk Anymore”, Gee Whiz It’s You-I Could Easily Fall”, “Too Much-Don’t –Be Cruel”, “Come Go With Me-Dream Lover-Since I Don’t Have You”, “No Particular Place To Go”, “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”, “Great Balls Of Fire” and “From A Distance”.

Sir Cliff’s new album “Cliff At Christmas” released on November 17.

Sir Cliff recorded a song “Watch Me Come Alive”, the song featured on The Chicken Shed’s first album, released on November 24, to celebrate The Chicken Shed Company’s 30th anniversary.

Sir Cliff Richard’s “Wanted Tour” video/DVD entered the UK charts at No.1.

Sir Cliff’s latest single “Santa’s List” / “It’s A Boy” / “Mary’s Boy Child” and “Santa’s List” / “Mistletoe And Wine” released on 8th December has enters the UK charts at No.5

“Cliff At Christmas” album peaks at No.9 and has been certified Gold and Platinum.

In Demark “Cliff At Christmas” has been certified Gold Disc.

Cliff Richard has been working with Barry Gibb at the Middle Ear Recording studio in Miami, USA and recorded two songs “How Many Sleeps” and “I Cannot Give You My Love”.


2004: Sir Cliff has beaten the Beatles and Elvis Presley to the title of The Ultimate Pop Star as the highest selling artist on the singles charts.

Sir Cliff Richard had sold more singles than any other artist in the last 50 years, ahead of The Beatles in second place, Elvis Presley in third place and Madonna in fourth place.

EMI released “World Tour” CD in the U.K.

“Live and Kicking” concert at The Royal Albert Hall, London.

Sir Cliff Richard “Summer Nights” concert series at castles around the U.K.

British TV station channel 4 awarded Sir Cliff Richard ‘The Ultimate Pop Star’.

Live concert “Castles In The Air” DVD released and enters the chart at No.1

Sir Cliff Richard astounded the music industry by ending his contract with EMI records and signing with Eminem's label Universal Music. Cliff had sold over 250 million records with EMI

during his 46 year career.

Sir Cliff’s latest studio album “Somethin’ Is Goin On” released on Decca Label and has been certified Gold.

Sir Cliff released two singles from his latest album, “Somethin’ Is Goin On” / “How Many Sleeps” and “I Cannot Give You My Love” / “She’s All Mine” / “Somethin’ Is Goin’ On” (video).


2005: Singers including Sir Cliff Richard, Robin Gibb, Barry Gibb and Boy George under One World Project, are recording a charity single “Grief Never Grows Old” to help raise funds for victims of the Asian tsunami, they hope the song will raise more than £2 million for the relief fund.

Sir Cliff performed a concert in Barbados on 11th March, in aid of a local children's charity.

Cliff Richard will be attending the Eurovision Song Contest's 50th anniversary in Copenhagen on 22nd October 2005.

Sir Cliff Richard spent a week in India with his friends and visited Agra, Jaipur, Pune, and Mumbai.

Sir Cliff’s new single “What Car” released on 9th May. The CD version will feature “Slow Down” and “Sentimental Journey”.

Sir Cliff was presented with a 'Golden Rose' award at the Rose D' Or music festival in Paris, and performed three songs.

On 6 July Sir Cliff was interviewed on the German television show Gottschalk's Late Show.

EMI released four digitally re-mastered Cliff Richard’s films soundtrack albums with bonus tracks, “The Young Ones”, “Wonderful Life”, “Finders Keepers” and “Take Me High”.

Sir Cliff Richard attended the inauguration of the ‘Avenue of the Stars’ in Covent Garden, London. He was one of the first 100 celebrities to be honoured with a star.

EMI announced the release of a new compilation 3 CD set “Platinum Collection”, tracks featured are most of Cliff's UK Top15 hits.

Sir Cliff attended the ‘Pride of Britain Awards’ in London on 10 October.

Sir Cliff Richard is 65.