Serious Charge

SEG 7895 Columbia (Released May 1959)

Living Doll / No Turning Back / Mad About You / Chinchilla (The Drifters)

Cliff No. 1

SEG 7903 (Mono)/ESG 7754 (Stereo) (Released June 1959)

Apron Strings / My Babe / Down The Line / I Got Feeling / Baby I Don't Care / Jet Black *(The Drifters)

Cliff No. 2

SEG 7910 (Mono)/ESG 7769 (Stereo) Columbia (Released July 1959)

Donna / Move It / Ready Teddy / Too Much / Don't Bug Me Baby

Expresso Bongo

SEG 7971 (Mono)/ESG 7782 (Stereo) Columbia (Released January 1960)

Love / A Voice In The Wilderness / The Shrine On The Second Floor / Bongo Blues (The Shadows)

Cliff Sings No. 1

SEG 7979 (Mono)/ESG 7788 (Stereo) Columbia (Released February 1960)

Here Comes The Summer / I Gotta Know / Blue Suede Shoes / The Snake And The Bookworm

Cliff Sings No. 2

SEG 7987 (Mono)/ESG 7794 (Stereo) Columbia (Released March 1960)

Twenty Flight Rock / Pointed Toe Shoes / Mean Woman Blues / I'm Walkiní

Cliff Sings No. 3

SEG 8005 (Mono)/ESG 7808 (Stereo) Columbia (Released June 1960)

I'll String Along With You / Embraceable You / As Time Goes By / The Touch Of Your Lips

Cliff Sings No. 4

SEG 8021 (Mono)/ESG 7816 (Stereo) Columbia Released September 1960)

I Don't Know Why / Little Things Mean A Lot / Somewhere Along The Way / Thatís My Desire

Cliff's Silver Discs

SEG 8050 (Mono) Columbia (Released December 1960)

Please Don't Tease / Fall In Love With You / Nine Times Out Of Ten / Travelliní Light

Me And My Shadows No. 1

SEG 8065 (Mono)/ESG 7837 (Stereo) Columbia (Released February 1961)

I'm Gonna Get You / You And I / I Cannot Find A True Love / Evergreen Tree / She's Gone

Me And My Shadows No. 2

SEG 8071 (Mono)/ESG 7841 (Stereo) Columbia (Released April 1961)

Left Out Again / Youíre Just The One To Do It / Lamp Of Love / Choppiní ĎNí Changiní / We Have It Made

Me And My Shadows No. 3

SEG 8078 (Mono)/ESG 7843 (Stereo) Columbia (Released April 1961)

Tell Me / Gee Whiz Itís You / I'm Willing To Learn / I Love You So / I Don't Know

Listen To Cliff No. 1

SEG 8105 (Mono)/ESG 7858 (Stereo) Columbia (Released October 1961)

Whatíd I Say / True Love Will Come To You / Blue Moon / Lover


SEG 8119 (Mono)/ESG 7867 (Stereo) Columbia (Released November 1961)

Dream / All I Do Is Dream Of You / Iíll See You In My Dreams / When I Grow Too Old To Dream

Listen To Cliff No. 2

SEG 8126 (Mono)/ESG 7870 (Stereo) Columbia (Released December 1961)

Unchained Melody / First Lesson In Love / Idle Gossip / Almost Like Being In Love/ Beat Out Dat Rhythm On A Drum

Cliff's Hit Parade

SEG 8133 (Mono) Columbia (Released February 1962)

I Love You / Theme For A Dream / A Girl Like You / When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart

Cliff Richard No. 1

SEG 8151 (Mono) Columbia (Released April 1962)

Forty Days (To Come Back Home) / Catch Me / How Wonderful To Know / Tough Enough

Hits From The Young Ones

SEG 8159 (Mono) Columbia (Released May 1962)

The Young Ones / Got A Funny Feeling / Lessons In Love / We Say Yeah

Cliff Richard No. 2

SEG 8168 (Mono) Columbia (Released June 1962)

50 Tears For Every Kiss / The Night Is So Lonely / Poor Boy / Y 'Arriva

Cliffs Hits

SEG 8203 (Mono) Columbia (Released November 1962)

It'll Be Me / Since I Lost You / I'm Looking Out The Window / Do You Wanna Dance

Time For Cliff And The Shadows

SEG 8228 (Mono)/ESG 7887 (Stereo) Columbia (Released March 1963)

So I've Been Told / Iím Walkiní The Blues / When My Dreamboat Comes Home / Blueberry Hill / You Don't Know

Holiday Carnival

SEG 8246 (Mono)/ESG 7892 (Stereo) Columbia (Released May 1963)

Carnival / Moonlight Bay / Some Of These Days / For You For Me

Hits From Summer Holiday

SEG 8250 (Mono)/ESG 7896 (Stereo) Columbia (Released June 1963)

Summer Holiday / The Next Time / Dancing Shoes / Bachelor Boy

More Hits From Summer Holiday

SEG 8263 (Mono)/ESG 7897 (Stereo) Columbia (Released September 1963)

Seven Days To A Holiday / Stranger In Town / Really Waltzing / All At Once

Cliff's Lucky Lips

SEG 8269 (Mono) Columbia (Released October 1963)

Itís All In The Game / Your Eyes Tell On You / Lucky Lips / I Wonder

Love Songs

SEG 8272 (Mono)/ESG 7900 (Stereo) Columbia (Released November 1963)

I'm In The Mood For Love / Secret Love / Love Letters / I Only Have Eyes For You

When In France

SEG 8290 (Mono) Columbia (Released February 1964)

La Mer / Boum / JíAttendrai / Cí est Si Bon

Cliff Richard Sings Donít Talk To Him

SEG 8299 (Mono) Columbia (Released March 1964)

Don't Talk To Him / Say You're Mine / Spanish Harlem / Who Are We To Say / Falling In Love With Love

Cliff's Palladium Successes

SEG 8320 (Mono) Columbia (Released May 1964)

I'm The Lonely One / Watch What You Do With My Baby / Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps / Frenesi (E)

Wonderful Life No. 1

SEG 8338 (Mono)/ESG 7902 (Stereo) Columbia (Released August 1964)

Wonderful Life / Do You Remember / What've I Gotta Do / Walkiní *(The Shadows)

Wonderful Life No. 2

SEG 8354 (Mono)/ESG 7903 (Stereo) Columbia (Released October 1964)

A Matter Of Moments /A Girl In Every Port / A Little Imagination / In The Stars

A Forever Kind Of Love

SEG 8347 (Mono) Columbia (Released September 1964)

A Forever Kind Of Love / It's Wonderful To Be Young / Constantly / True True Lovin'

Why Donít They Understand

SEG 8384 (Mono) Columbia (Released February 1965)

Why Don't They Understand / Where The Four Winds Blow / The Twelfth Of Never / I'm Afraid To Go Home

Hits From Wonderful Life

SEG 8376 (MONO)/ESG 7906 (Stereo) Columbia (Released December 1964)

On The Beach / We Love A Movie / Home / All Kinds Of People

Cliff's Hits From Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp

SEG 8395 (Mono) Columbia (Released March 1965)

Haviní Fun / Evening Comes / Friends / I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)

Look In My Eyes Maria

SEG 8405 (Mono) Columbia (Released May 1965)

Look In My Eyes Maria / Where Is Your Heart / Maria / If I Give My Heart To You


SEG 8444 (Mono) Columbia (Released September 1965)

Angel / I Only Came To Say Goodbye / On My Word / The Minute Youíre Gone

Take Four

SEG 8450 (Mono) Columbia (Released October 1965)

Boom Boom (Thatís How My Heart Beats) / My Heart Is An Open Book / Lies And Kisses / Sweet And Gentle

Wind Me Up

SEG 8474 (Mono) Columbia (Released February 1966)

Wind Me Up (Let Me Go) / The Night / The Time In Between / Look Before You Love

Hits From When In Rome

SEG 8478 (Mono) Columbia (Released April 1966)

Come Prima / Nel Blue Di Pinto Di Blu / Dicitoncella Vuie / Arrivederci Roma

Love Is Forever

SEG 8488 (Mono) Columbia (Released June 1966)

My Colouring Book / Fly Me To The Moon / Someday / Everyone Needs Someone To Love

Thunderbirds Are Go

SEG 8510 (Mono) Columbia (Released December 1966)

Cliff Richard: Shooting Star / The Shadows: Lady Penelope / Thunderbirds Theme/ Zero X Theme


SEG 8517 (Mono) Columbia (Released December 1966)

La La La La La / Solitary Man / Things We Said Today / Never Knew What Love Could Do


SEG 8527 (Mono) Columbia (Released May 1967)

Come Sunday / Peace And Quiet / She Needs Him More Than Me / Hey Doctor Man

Carol Singers

SEG 8533 (Mono) Columbia (Released November 1967)

God Rest You Merry Gentlemen/ In The Bleak Midwinter / Unto Us A Boy Is Born/ While Shepherds Watched / O Little Town of Bethlehem


SEG 8540 (Mono) Columbia (Released April 1968)

Congratulations / Wonderful World / Do You Remember / High ĎNí Dry / The Sound Of The Candymanís Trumpet / Little Rag Doll

Eurovision special

EMI 2022 (Released April 1973)

Help It Along / Tomorrow Rising /Ashes To Ashes / The Days Of Love

40 Golden Greats-Promotional

Double EP PSR 414/415 EMI (Released September 1977)

Excerpts from Forty tracks to promote the 40 GOLDEN GREATS (Double Album)

We Should Be Together

XMAS 91 EMI (Released December 1991)

We Should Be Together / Mistletoe And Wine / Twelve Days Of Christmas / The Holy And The Ivy

Thunderbirds Are Go

0777 7999 6612 EMI (Re-Released 1992)

Cliff Richard: Shooting Star, The Shadows: Lady Penelope / Thunderbirds Theme / Zero X Theme

Silver Celebration

CD 50285 1901 2821 Langham Arts (Released 1997)

(Live at Wembley Conference Centre) From A Distance / No Power In Pity / When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

Real As I Wanna Be

CD REALDJ 002 EMI (Released September 1998)

5 Tracks Sampler in Digipak Cover Butterfly Kisses / Real As I Wanna Be / Climbing Up Mount Everest / Can't Keep This Feeling In / Vita Mia

Cliff Richard 8 Tracks Sampler

EMI Label (Released 11-6-2001)

We Don't Talk Anymore / Walking In The Light / Devil Woman / Honky Tonk Angel / Wired For Sound / Hold On / I'm No Hero / Dynamite

Cliff Richard "Two on One" Sampler

EMI Label (Released August 2001)

Move It / Blue Suede Shoes / Working After School / Blue Moon /Shame On You / Spanish Harlem


CD PR 1 Papillion (Released September 2001) Album Promo CD

Somewhere Over The Rainbow-What A Wonderful World / You've Got A Friend / Love Me Tender / Lay All Your Love On Me

Cliff Richard 8 Track Sampler

EMI (Released 17-6-2002) 5 Tracks Sampler in Digipak Cover

Every Face Tells A Story / My Kinda Life / Now You See Me Now You Don't / Where Do We Go From Here / Green Light / Please Remember Me / Silvers Home Tonight / Please Don't Fall In Love

The Singles Collection

EMI (Released July 2002)

Move It / The Twelfth Of Never / Devil Woman / We Don`t Talk Anymore / Some People / I Still Believe In You

Cliff Richard & The Shadows

EMI 50999 68787721 (Released 21-10-2009)

I'm The Lonely One / A Girl Like You / I Love You